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Keyboard Shortcuts

Quickbooks Shortcuts

Quickbooks Tips   » Shortcuts » Keyboard Shortcuts and Entering Dates

Ctrl+D           Delete Transaction
Ctrl+I             Create Invoice
Ctrl+E            Edit transaction selected in register
Ctrl+F            Find transaction
Ctrl+J            Open customer center
Ctrl+M           Memorize transaction or report
Ctrl+N            New invoice, bill or check
Ctrl+Q            QuickReport on transaction or list item
Ctrl+T            Open memorized transaction list
Ctrl+W            Write new check
Ctrl+Y             Display transaction in journal
Ctrl+Z            Undoes changes made to field
Ctrl+Enter      Records transaction
Escape            Closes window or cancels transaction
Tab                  Moves to next field
Shift+Tab        Moves to prior field

Faster way to enter dates:
oday's Date:            T
First day of Week:     W
Last day of Week:     K
First day of Month:    M
Last day of Month:    H
First day of Year:       Y
Last day of Year:       R


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